Sea Phase Foreign Warship Shut Off Series of Komodo 2016

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TERASLAMPUNG.COM–Dozens of foreign warship conduct of sea phase on 14-15 April 2016 at Padang and Mentawai Islands waters. The completion of this exercise while closing a series of activities “Komodo 2016” held for 5 days in Padang and Mentawai.

It comprises Maritime Peace Keeping and HA/DR operations as well as exercise series such as Photoex, Navcomex, Adex, Boardex, DCEX, MIO ex, Miscex, Crossdeck, Winchex and anchoring in Sipora water. The Indonesian Navy Maritime Patrol Air Craft also participate in the join exercise for SARex and many others exercise.

During the exercise all participant ship devided into some area: West AMO: KRI USH, KRI SIM, RNS ADM Vinogradof DDG-572, RNS Boris Butoma, RNS Fotiy Krylof (Russian Navy), FS Vandemiaire (French Navy), BNS Samodra Avijan F-29 (Bangladesh Navy) and SLNS Sagara OPV (Sri Lanka Navy). North AMO: KRI MKS (Flag Ship), KRI CND, Weifang FFg (PLAN), Changxingdad 861 (PLAN), KDB Daruttaqwa OPV (RBN), HTMS Kraby OPV (RTN), KD Mahawangsa MPCSS (TLDM) dan RSS Formidable FFG (RSN). East AMO: KRI FKO, KRI SRI, USS Arleigh Burke DOG-97 (USN), HMAS Anzac FFH-1150 (RAN) JS ISE DDH-182 (JMSDF), INS Sumedha OPV (INDIAN Navy), etc.

Closing ceremony of the 2016 Komodo led by Rear Admiral I.N.G.N Ary Atmaja (Assistant Chief of Naval Staff Indonesian Navy for Operations) at Sipora Regent office park and attended by representation from participating countries of Komodo 2016 and also local government. It also proceeded by Sailing Pass activities located at Sipora waters and involved by all participating ships as a closing all activities of Komodo 2016.

Those activities hopefully could enhance partnership and cooperation program countries of WPNS member in order to contrive confidence building measure, capacity building and interoperability in the frame of maritime domain awareness  as the development of maritime security challenges.

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